Featured Industries


HES have been leaders in the supply of quality stage rigging for over 20 years. We supply to theatres sporting venues and concert arenas. We work closely and professionally with the major concert production companies in Australia and offer excellent service.

Products: Electric Chain Motors, Chain Hoists, Steelflex & Polyester Slings, Sisal, Manila, Synthetic Rope & Cords, Trolleys & Clamps and Height Safety Equipment.



HES are a long time supplier of quality Lifting & Rigging Equipment to major companies in the building industry. Our staff have extensive technical knowledge and can provide suitable lifting solutions for any lifting application.

Products: Chain & Wire Rope Slings, Polyester Slings, Electric  Hoists, Balustrading, Spreader Bars and Goods Cages.


HES provide solutions for crane and hoisting maintenance for engineering workshops. We offer a installation and certification for all lifting equipment installations. We also have a fully equipped repair workshop which our staff can inspect and repair a comprehensive range of lifting & rigging equipment.

Products: Chain slings, Wire Rope Slings, Electric & pneumatic winches, Girder Clamps and trolleys, magnetic lifters, gantry cranes, Hydraulic Pumps & Rams, goods cages and forklift accessories.

Mining Oil & Gas

Through our office in WA and with our Global Group partners we have extensive experience in lifting & Rigging and materials handling solutions. We are a proactive company, meeting the demands of the Mining, oil & gas industries.

Products: Extra heavy Chain Hoists, Polyester Slings, Chain & Wire Rope Slings, Spreader Bars, winches and height safety equipment.


Our dedicated team can assist you with all your marine requirements including industrial & commercial marine. We can assist with installation of winches and jib crane to solve your lifting problems.

Products: Round & Flat Slings, shackles, balustrading, silver & wire rope, Electric slipway winches, Grade L Galvanised Anchor Chain & backsaver cranes.

Transport and 4WD

HES are a long time supplier of quality lashing & tie down equipment to the some of the biggest transport companies in Australia. Our friendly HES staff can assist with any perculiar lashing requirements. Contact our dedicated team with your transport requirements.

Products include: Transport Chain, Ratchet Assemblies, Loadbinders & Truck winches.


We can design manufacture and install customised lifting equipment to suit your requirements. We also provide an inspection and certification service which can be conducted on site and our workshop has extensive testing facilities.

 Products include: Winches, materials handling, height safety and customised or specialised jib cranes.


We have an extensive range of products available for use by all tradespeople including electricians, plumbers, roofing, earthmoving, landscapers, builders and the home handyman.

Products include: Chain & Lever Hoists, Chain & Wire Rope Slings, shackles, winches & balustrading handrails and fittings.